Posted about 1 month ago
Beer lovers out there! Today is January 24th, know what that means? It's Beer Can Appreciation Day! A day of remembrance when Finest Beer and Krueger's Cream Ale became the first beers EVER to be sold in cans. That day was monumental! Before beer was sold in cans, it only came in bottles. Now canned beer just makes sense. Beer cans are easier to pack in a box or cooler, cans can be fully designed with awesome labels, and they protect beer from sunlight, which can ruin it (no one wants that). We want to extend a big thank you to our friends at @notherncanning who can all of our beers, @toqueltd who designed our Core Series can labels, and @mynameisjoschka who designs all of our limited edition and collab brew cans. While you're downing your next ice cold RCB beer, take a minute to appreciate how awesome cans are. Cheers! 🙌 #DrinkRedCircle #nationalbeercanappreciationday


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